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The Alba Clockwork - Shielded Alcubierre drive concept

Today ladies and gentlemen we are able to travel beyond our solar system - May i present you The Alba Clockwork - A successful approach in dealing with previously unstable Alcubierre Drive and its effect on separating space. Previous designs would be obliterated immediately after the generator is powered and would crush upon itself. This new technology creates an energy bubble that can fend off the negative mass generated by the warp field. - Ikarus Shipyards

tl;dr - Personal view on a functional Alcubierre driven vehicle with shield to fend off negative mass.

Alcubierre drive :

Added shield functionality animation & 3D model preview


Sergiu ikarus final2

The Alba Clockwork

Sergiu ikarus 1
Sergiu ikarus 2
Sergiu ikarus 3

The Alba Clockwork - Shielded Alcubierre drive concept